As leader of the editorial team and the main contributing author of the book, I would first like to thank my PhD supervisors, Paul Greenfield and Horst Doelle. You set me on a path that I have found both challenging and interesting over the last twenty years or so. In fact, I still remember the moment, in mid-1984, when I decided to do my PhD in the area of solid-state fermentation. Paul Greenfield said to me "I have heard of this area called solid-state fermentation, I think that you can make some contributions in the area". Well Paul, you were right, I have managed something. Thanks! Of course, there is still much to do.

I must also thank my co-editors and co-authors. This book would never have been written without your input. From each of you I have learnt something about solid-state fermentation. Further, I recognize that I am indebted to many colleagues who, while not being co-authors, have helped me to understand solid-state fermentation better. I will not cite names because the list is enormous. It includes not only colleagues with whom I have interacted personally, but also colleagues who have published papers in the area of solid-state fermentation that have helped me to develop my understanding of this area.

This book, in part, represents a synthesis of work undertaken by my research group and supported by various funding agencies. I am indebted to these agencies for funding my research over the last 15 years or so. I received two grants to work on solid-state fermentation bioreactors from the "Australian Research Council Small Grants Scheme". Since my move to Brazil, I have received funding from several state and federal granting bodies. These include (1) the "Araucaria Foundation" (Fundaçâo Araucária), a research agency of the state of Paraná; (2) the Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq, Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico) and (3) the Brazilian-Argentinean Biotechnology Committee (CBAB, Comité Brasileiro-Argentino de Biotechnologia), for which the funds originated from the Brazilian Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT, Ministério de Ciéncia e Tecnologia) and were administered by CNPq. CNPq has also been kind enough to award me a research scholarship.

Finally, thanks are due to the Springer staff, especially Marion Hertel, Beate Siek, and Joern Mohr, for their patience and guidance.

David Mitchell

David Mitchell

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