Basic Features of Continuous SSF Bioreactors 1121 Equipment

In general, continuous chemical reactors can be classified into one of three groups: stirred tank reactors, tubular flow reactors, and designs that are between these two types (i.e., which combine some characteristics of both stirred and tubular flow reactors). This is also true for CSSFBs. Readers interested in exploring possible designs further are encouraged to consult references that deal with equipment used for mixing of solids (Sastry et al. 1999) and for feeding of solids (Bell et al. 2003), many of which could be adapted to act as CSSFBs.

In this chapter we will discuss three possible CSSFB designs: the Continuous Stirred Tank Bioreactor (CSTB), the Continuous Rotating Drum Bioreactor (CRDB), and the Continuous Tubular Flow Bioreactor (CTFB). The principles of operation of screw conveyors and belt conveyors are the same as those of CTFBs, so in this chapter these conveyor bioreactors will be used as examples of this group.

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