Further Reading

Oxygen uptake measurements and calculations

Sato K, Nagatani M, Nakamura KI, Sato S (1983) Growth estimation of Candida lipolytica from oxygen uptake in a solid state culture with forced aeration. J Ferment Technol 61:623-629

A classical paper demonstrating the close relationship between oxygen consumption and metabolic heat production

Cooney CL, Wang DIC, Mateles RI (1968) Measurement of heat evolution and correlation with oxygen consumption during microbial growth. Biotechnol Bioeng 11:269-281

Modeling particle size changes

Rajagopalan S, Rockstraw DA, Munson-McGee SH (1997) Modeling substrate particle degradation by Bacillus coagulans biofilm. Bioresource Technol 61:175-183

General reviews of modeling of growth kinetics that address of the issue of how the effects of growth on the environment can be described

Mitchell DA, Berovic M, Krieger N (2000) Biochemical engineering aspects of solid state bioprocessing. Adv Biochem Eng/Biotech 68:61-138

Mitchell DA, von Meien OF, Krieger N, Dalsenter FDH (2004) A review of recent developments in modeling of microbial growth kinetics and intraparticle phenomena in solid-state fermentation. Biochem Eng J 17:15-26

A model that describes water metabolism quite carefully, demonstrating how the effects of growth on the water content of the substrate could be described Nag el FJI, Tramper J, Bakker MSN, Rinzema A (2001b) Model for on-line moisture-content control during solid-state fermentation. Biotechnol Bioeng 72:231-243

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