2.414 x 106 J kg-water-1 1.14 kg-dry-air m-3 700 kg-substrate m-3

aNote that those values highlighted with an asterisk must be supplied in the input file. The remaining values are already in the program and cannot be changed. b The program converts all variables and parameters to a consistent set of units.

24.2.2 Base-Case Predictions

Figures 24.2 and 24.3 represent the type of information that such a model provides. Both axial and temporal temperature variations occur (Fig. 24.2). The axial temperature profile is a result of convective cooling (see Fig. 4.3), with the steepness of this profile depending on the rate of growth and the superficial air velocity.

Note that the temperature variations in time are relatively slow compared to the temperature variations along the length of the bed. For example, in Fig. 24.2(b), the difference in temperature between 10 and 11 h is much smaller than the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet of the bed. This has implications for understanding the behavior of intermittently stirred beds (see Chap. 25).

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