Building of the large-scale bioreactor. Operation of the bioreactor

Modification and improvements to the model e p m e

the model makes predictions about bed temperatures and shows how they might be better controlled with higher air flow rates


Fig. 12.1. An overview of how models can be used in the development of large-scale SSF bioreactors modeling work has a better chance of leading to a large-scale bioreactor that operates successfully than do "best-guess" or "trial-and-error" approaches. Once the large-scale bioreactor is built and tested, the model can be modified with the new data generated at large scale, and the modified model can be used as a tool in optimizing bioreactor operation.

If powerful "off-the-shelf' bioreactor models were available, then you might never have to think about the "modeling process". However, the current SSF bioreactor models are simply not sufficiently sophisticated. Each research and development group will need to do its own modeling work, although of course this can be done by building on previous work. The point is that you will need to become involved in the modeling process, even if you do not undertake the mathematical and computing work yourself. The remainder of this chapter covers the very basic information that you need in order to understand what models are and how the modeling process operates.

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