Axial distance (m)

Fig. 24.10. (a) Predictions of the mathematical model about the axial temperature profile at several horizontal positions within the Zymotis packed-bed at the time of peak heat production at 23 h. Note that in the upper regions of the bed the temperature is high from the central plane to 12.7 cm from the central plane (7.3 cm from the plate), only reducing significantly at positions close to the plate (which is at x=20 cm). (b) Comparison of the central axial temperature profile in a wide traditional packed-bed and the central plane temperature profile of the Zymotis bioreactor, at 20 h, in the case in which L = 0.03 cm. In both cases the bioreactor is 1.0 m high, the superficial air velocity is 5 cm s-1, the inlet air temperature is 38°C and the specific growth rate constant (pcpt) is 0.236 h-1

Axial distance (m)

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