Fig. 28.7. Performance of the bioreactor with DMC control of the inlet air temperature (the relative humidity of the air is fixed at 99%). The results for "a single linear model" and "multiple linear models" are on the left and the right, respectively. (a) and (b) inlet air temperature (—), which is not allowed to go below 25°C and the average bed temperature (--), which the controller aims to control at 38°C; (c) and (d) temperatures at various heights within the bed (from bottom to top the lines are for 0.5, 1.0, 1.5, and 2.0 m); (e) and (f) biomass profiles, including the predicted average biomass content (—), the growth curve that would occur if optimum conditions were maintained throughout the entire fermentation (- - -) and, for purposes of comparison, growth with PID control of the temperature of the inlet air ( ). Adapted from von Meien et al. (2004) with kind permission of Elsevier

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