Density of the dry substrate particlesf

450 kg-dry-substrate m-3-substrate


Void fraction of the bedf

0.35 m3-voids m-3-bed

Microbial parameters bo bm

ßopt Topt YBS

Microbial parameters bo bm

ßopt Topt YBS

Initial biomass concentration Maximum possible biomass concentration Optimal specific growth rate constant Optimum temperature for growth Yield of biomass from substrate

Type Type of relation of growth with aw

Parameters related to the mixing event tmix Time taken by the mixing event

¡j,mix Fractional value of /u during mixing

0.002 kg-biomass kg-dry-solids-0.250 kg-biomass kg-dry-solids"1 0.236 h-1. 38°C

0.5 kg-biomass kg-dry-substrate-1 Aspergillus-type (see Fig. 22.3(b))

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