Fig. 22.6. Predicted performance of a bioreactor 1 m high by 1 m diameter. In the left hand column the temperature of cooling water in the water jacket is maintained constant (Run 5) whereas in the right hand column it is controlled according to Eq. (22.6) with J=2 (Run 6). (a) and (d) Predicted growth (—) compared to that which would be achieved if optimal conditions were maintained throughout the fermentation (---); (b) and (e) Temperatures of the solids phase (top solid curve), the gas phase (middle solid curve), the bioreactor wall (bottom solid curve), and the cooling water (dashed curve); (c) and (f) Relative limitations of growth by temperature and water: (—) fractional specific growth rate based on temperature, /jPT; (---) fractional specific growth rate based on water activity, ¡j.WT

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