the linear equation, h-1 in the deceleration equation)


specific death rate coefficient (h-1)


coefficient of the denaturation reaction (h-1)


coefficient of the autocatalytic synthesis reaction (h-1)


maintenance coefficient (kg-dry-substrate kg-dry-biomass -1 h-1)

death rate (g-dry-biomass g-initial-dry solids-1 h-1) universal gas constant (J mol-1 °C-1) total dry mass of residual substrate (kg) time (h)

maximum temperature for growth (°C) minimum temperature for growth (°C) optimum temperature for growth (°C) total dry mass of biomass (kg) maximum total dry mass of biomass (kg) true growth yield (kg-dry-biomass kg-dry-substrate-1) specific growth rate parameter (h-1) measured value of the specific growth rate (h-1) specific growth rate parameter under optimal growth conditions (h-1) specific growth rate parameter as a function of temperature (h-1) specific growth rate parameter as a function of water activity (h-1)

Chapter 17

aw(!!ubscript) water activity of phase or subsystem indicated by subscript

CER carbon dioxide evolution rate (mol-CO2 h-1)

COU cumulative O2 uptake (mol-O2)

Cin inlet O2 concentration (typically %volume)

Cout outlet O2 concentration (typically %volume)

Cxa absolute biomass concentration (kg-dry-biomass kg-dry-solids-1)

D inactivation parameter used in Eqs. (17.8) and (17.9)

Do initial mass of dry solids within the bioreactor (kg)

L initial particle length (m)

lc residual particle length at time t (m)

mA maintenance coefficient for production or consumption of the species indicated by subscript (kg-A kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1) mc maintenance coefficient for CO2 (mol-CO2 kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1)

md fitting constant in Eq. (17.9)

mo maintenance coefficient for O2 (mol-O2 kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1)

mN maintenance coefficient for nutrient (kg-nutrient kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1)

mP coefficient for product formation related to maintenance metabolism

(kg-product kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1) mQ maintenance coefficient for heat production (J kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1)

mS maintenance coefficient for residual dry substrate

(kg-dry-substrate kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1) mW maintenance coefficient for water production

(kg-H2O kg-dry-biomass-1 h-1). OUR oxygen uptake rate (mol-O2 h-1) P mass of product (kg)

Po mass of product present at time zero (kg)


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