Chapters 22 to 25 present case studies in which mathematical models are used to explore the design and operation of various SSF bioreactors. Chapters 18 to 20 address the basic principles of the balance/transport sub-models of these bioreactor models.

The various phenomena that need to be described by the balance/transfer submodel, such as conductive and convective heat transfer, were covered in a qualitative manner in Chap. 4. The current chapter shows the mathematical expressions that are used to describe these phenomena. The aim is not to teach heat and mass transfer principles to a depth that will allow readers to construct the appropriate mathematical expressions themselves. Rather, it is to enable readers to inspect a mathematical model of an SSF bioreactor and recognize which transport phenomena are described by the model, on the basis of the various terms that appear within the model equations. These terms include various system, thermodynamic, and transport parameters. Chapters 19 and 20 quote some typical values that have been used for these parameters and give some general advice as to how they might be determined experimentally. However, please note that detailed experimental instructions are not provided.

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