Introduction to the Various Classes of SSF Bioreactors

Chapters 6 to 10 describe the various types of SSF bioreactors that have been used in batch-mode. For this purpose, they are divided into groups based on the aeration and agitation strategies. Classical bioreactors with these groups include tray bioreactors, packed-bed bioreactors, rotating drum bioreactors, and well-mixed or intermittently-mixed bioreactors with forced aeration. For each class of bioreac-tors the basic design and operating features are described, as well as several of the possible variations in these features. These chapters also relate information from the SSF literature about how these various bioreactors perform, highlighting the relative ease or difficulty of controlling conditions within the bioreactor and thereby of obtaining high productivity or not.

Continuous operation of SSF bioreactors is a subject that has received relatively little attention in the SSF literature. Chapter 11 describes the various ways in which SSF bioreactors can be operated in continuous mode, and also undertakes a preliminary analysis of bioreactor performance in this mode of operation. However, it will be clear that this is an area that needs much more attention.

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