This chapter provides two case studies to show how modeling work can provide insights into how to design and operate traditional packed-beds and Zymotis-type packed-beds. Various other mathematical modeling case studies have been undertaken with packed-bed bioreactors:

• Saucedo-Castaneda et al. (1990). A model of a thin packed-bed in which axial convection is not taken into account, rather only horizontal conduction through the walls.

• Gutierrez-Rojas et al. (1995). A mathematical model for solid-state fermentation of mycelial fungi on inert support.

• Hasan et al. (1998). Heat transfer simulation of solid-state fermentation in a packed-bed bioreactor.

• Oostra et al. (2000). A model of a packed-bed bioreactor was used as part of the process of bioreactor selection.

• Weber et al. (1999). A simplified material and energy balance approach for process development and scale-up of Coniothyrium minitans conidia production by solid-state cultivation in a packed-bed reactor.

• Weber et al. (2002). Validation of a model for process development and scale-up of packed-bed solid-state bioreactor.

The aim of this chapter is not to review these models. Readers with a deeper interest in modeling of packed-beds are recommended to find the original papers.

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