Fig. 28.6. Predictions of performance of an intermittently-agitated, forcefully-aerated bioreactor when PID control is used. (a) to (d) Predicted average bed temperature (the average of the temperatures measured at various different heights, as shown in Fig. 28.5) for the various control schemes. (e) Predicted average biomass profile for the case of humidity control with the inlet air temperature maintained at 38°C (—). (f) Predicted average biomass profiles for the case of temperature control with the inlet air humidity maintained at 80% (—♦—), 90% (—■—), and 99% (—•—). In graphs (e) and (f) (- - -) represents the growth curve that would occur if optimum conditions were maintained throughout the entire fermentation. Adapted from von Meien et al. (2004) with kind permission of Elsevier

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