Pilot Scale Intermittently Mixed Bioreactors

Pérez-Correa and Agosin (1999) also developed a bioreactor with a capacity for 50 kg of moist substrate (Fig. 10.6). This bioreactor used a similar strategy to that used in their larger scale bioreactor in the sense that mixing was achieved through movement of the bed past a number of fixed mixing blades. The bed was held within a perforated basket, 1.15 m in diameter and 0.28 m high, that was rotated when mixing was desired. It was necessary to have a seal between the basket and the body of the bioreactor to make sure that the air flowed through the basket and not around its sides. This bioreactor was capable of being operated aseptically. The whole lid could be raised to give access to the interior, but was hermetically sealed during the fermentation. This bioreactor was used for the production of gibberellic acid by Gibberella fujikoroi (Pérez-Correa and Agosin 1999) and for the production of Trichoderma (Agosin and Aguilera 1998).

In the 50-L bioreactor of Chamielec et al. (1994) and Bandelier et al. (1997), which is designed for sterile operation, the substrate bed is supported on a wire

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