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Given a kinetic equation written in terms of the absolute biomass concentration, such as one of the equations from Table 16.1, it is possible to use Eqs. (16.8) and (16.12) to predict the growth profile that would be obtained for measurements made on a relative basis (CXR). Figure 16.1 shows how this is done.

In order to undertake this conversion, it is necessary to have values for YXS and mS. One method of estimating these parameters is to obtain experimental data in the initial kinetic studies in terms of both the absolute and the relative biomass concentrations. Figure 16.2 shows how this data can be used to obtain estimates for these two parameters.

This conversion is not limited to biomass. It is possible to use the model to convert measurements of biomass components between absolute and relative measurement bases. In this case X will represent the component, YXS will have the units of kg-component kg-dry-substrate-1, and mS will have the units of kg-dry-substrate kg-component-1 h-1.

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