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Is The Design Complete Can The Design Be Constructed

Some discussion is in order at this point to differentiate between what are called the architectural and engineering approaches to detailed design and construction. Most projects in the food, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries require a blend of these two techniques of design. In the architectural approach, detailed design is completed by mechanical design subcontract or inclusion in construction subcontracts. With the engineering approach, the detailed design is completed as part of one engineering effort. The architectural approach passes on the engineering by written functional specifications describing how the installation is to function, not how that function is to be achieved. The engineering approach details how each function is to be achieved. Each approach has its proponents and its detractors. By looking at only the cost of the primary design work, the architectural approach will appear less expensive. It is the writer's opinion that the architectural approach is very...

Of The Kind Of Grain Used By Brewers

Every kind of grain, with perhaps hardly an exception, may be employed for the purposes of the brewer. In America it is not uncommon to make beer with the seeds of Indian corn or Zea mais. In order to convert it into malt, it is found necessary to bury it for some time under the ground and when germination lias made sufficient progress, it is dug up and kiln-dried. (See Philosophical Transactions, vol. xii., p. 1065.) Mr Mungo Park informs us, that, in Africa the negroes make beer from the seeds of the Holcus spicatus, and the process employed, as he describes it, seems to differ but little from the one followed in this country. (See Park's Travels, p. 63, 8vo edition.) Dioscorides assures us, that in Spain and Britain wheat was employed for the manufacture of beer and the writer of this treatise has been informed by a gentleman in the service of the East India Company, that he )ias made beer from wheat at Madras. We have ourselves seen oats employed for this purpose in Great Britain...

Preface To The First Edition

The subject of fractional distillation has received but scant attention from writers in the English language since Sidney Young published his book Fractional Distillation in 1903 (London). French and German authors have, on the other hand, produced a number of books on the subject, among the more important of which are the following It has therefore been the purpose of the writer of this book to attempt to explain simply yet accurately, according to the best ideas of physical chemistry and chemical engineering, the principles of fractional distillation, illustrating these principles with a few carefully selected illustrations. This book is to be regarded neither as a complete treatise nor as an encyclopedia on the subject but, as the title indicates, as an introduction to its study. The writer has drawn at will on the several books mentioned above, some of the tables being taken nearly bodily from them, and has also derived much help from Findlay's Phase Rule (London, 1920) and from...


A further section of Harbert's paper considers the questions of preheating the feed to a tower and how much feed preheat is desirable. He points out that the feeling among designers is that tower feed should be preheated. He states, It is usually thought that the feed should be hot and one rule that the writer has heard is that the mole percent of the feed vaporized should equal the mole percent of the overhead product. He goes further to point out that the heat requirements of any given tower are determined by the separation being made rather than by the heat added to the process by the feed.

The packing

The packing inside a fractionating column is very important and many articles in the scientific literature are devoted exclusively to this topic. Everyone has his own ideas on what constitutes the ideal packing and the writer is no exception. Unlike scientific texts, however, cost is a consideration here. What is needed are pieces of glass, ceramic or metal which are inert to the liquid being refluxed and which have the following characteristics

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