The key to making worldclass spirits and liqueurs in the home

1. First make clean, pure ethanol.

2. Then use the best available essences to convert it.

A common mistake is to try to copy the traditional way spirits and liqueurs are commercially made. You will fail unless you use all the same raw materials, the same equipment, the same process control and the same maturating processes. Get just one thing wrong and your result will be nothing like the commercial drink you are trying to match. To illustrate what I am saying, look what happens when a Scotch whisky manufacturer changed just one detail of his traditional process;

Ten years ago this Scotch whisky maker decided to buy a new still. He went to great expense to ensure the new stainless steel still was exactly the same shape and size as his old copper one, knowing full well that any changes to shape or size would alter the character of his whisky. The new still was installed and the virgin whisky (before maturation) was produced exactly as it had been before. The virgin whisky produced had an unpleasant turnip-like smell! The scientists could not explain why the move from copper to Stainless steel made such a difference, they put some copper back in the still to solve the problem!

So unless you can copy everything down to the last detail, you will fail. In this case "Simplest is best" use white granulated sugar and a good Turbo!

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