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The Fractionating Still

Fractionating Still

The Fractionating Still is a compact device for increasing the amount of condensation and evaporation of reflux. A fractionating still has a vertical tube called a fractionating column, filled with packing material, between the boiler and the final product condenser. It's important to note that the fractionating column is just a part of the whole still, just as the boiler is a part. If this column were empty and had no packing material, then it wouldn't be a fractionating column, but would...

Compound still management

Offset Distillation Still Head Reflux

Choosing the type of condenser is simple compared to the question of how to control reflux and withdraw the product. There are three fundamental methods of accomplishing this Liquid management. Divide and distribute the liquid condensate directly. Cooling management. Divide the vapor into two flows by managing the amount of cooling in the reflux condenser. Vapor management. Divide the vapor into two flows mechanically. Liquid management The still head does two things taps into the reflux stream...